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“I have known Mike for over seven years in my capacity as Police Sergeant.  Mike has worked as our department Systems Engineer, upgrading our mobile laptops and our in-house computer network up to speed of where we want to be.  Mike’s commitment to our work place has gone above and beyond.”


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Networking and computer support for home computing is performed by SOHO Systems.Home Computing & Networking

Most homes today have one or more computers, monitors, printers, scanners, entertainment consoles, televisions with digital recorders, even fax machines. Although none of these are essentials for a home the way they are for a business, we all depend on them daily for schoolwork, online shopping, fact-finding, and communication with friends and loved ones.

At SOHO Systems, we understand the importance of the home electronics network. When you have an installation problem or service need regarding your computers and networking, give us a call. We'll take the time to explain any work we do and we will give you the best estimate for repairs, installation, or setup as possible.

All of your home networking needs can be handled by SOHO Systems.