SOHO Systems provides Small Office and Home Office IT Services

Our Customers Speak

The primary function of my small business is sales and servicing.  Nearly all of our communications and interactions, with both customers and suppliers, are by email or web links. Without those two functions, we can't operate.  

We need someone who will respond immediately when technology throws us a curve and Mike from SOHO Systems is that someone.  Over the past six years I have never waited more than a couple of hours for Mike to get us up and running again and that kind of service is invaluable.

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SOHO Systems   

Computer Repair & IT Specialists

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Quality - Cost - Response for your home and office computer needs

Small office...
SOHO Systems assists small offices with computer and networking service.

home office...
Even a one-person home-based business can benefit from SOHO Systems computer services.

SOHO Systems understands the computer needs of families and residences.
SOHO Systems can meet all your computing needs

SOHO Systems, located in Norwell, MA, offers professional, experienced onsite computer related services and consulting with expertise in Windows? computers and networks for your small business, small office, home-based business, home office and family computers in the greater Boston-Southeast Massachusetts area.

Our services range from simple PC memory upgrades to complex client/server integrated network installations.

SOHO's Project Management resources can direct your larger IT related projects such as office build outs, moves and expansions, new enterprise software application implementations and voice and data integration.

Let a SOHO Systems Consultant handle the project from planning to vendor/contractor research and selection, scheduling, implementation, oversight and training coordination.


SOHO Systems proudly provides quality service and fast response at reasonable cost

Experienced Technology Professionals
Computer Systems Repairs, Installs, Upgrades & Support
Wired and Secure Wireless Networking
Network security, user access and administration
High Speed Internet Setup
E-Mail and messaging
Remote Access and Virtual Private Networks
Virus, worm, trojan and other malware protection and removal
Solutions for Data Storage, Backup and Protection
Windows? expertise; training and consulting on common office applications and tools 
Configuring resource sharing; printing, scanning, faxing

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